DissoGuard Systems

DissoGuard Systems

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DISSOGUARD SYSTEMS With a unique design and powerful software the dissoGUARD® is a dissolution surveillance system that will revolutionize the way you see the dissolution procedure. With cameras placed underneath a dissolution bath the user is not only able to see and store real time videos, export pictures or complete videos for future analyses. For the first time, the user is able to measure or predict different physical parameters of their dissolution apparatus. With different algorithms the software can evaluate the wobble and measure RPM, determine the proper center alignment of individual shafts, and much more. Through the various stages of dissolution procedure it is possible to evaluate the proper position of dosage forms, timing and position of sampling cannulas, behavior of particles in vessels, etc.
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Conversion kit for Agilent 708/709DS

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Conversion kit for Hanson Classic 6


Conversion kit for Hanson Vision Elite8 G1/G2


Conversion kit for Hanson SR8

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