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Capsule Sinkers

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PSSHOWCASE for Sinkers

PSSHOWCASE for Sinkers

Product number     PSSHOWCASE-SINKERS
OEM reference     Dissolution Innovated Product

An overview case to show your customers and internal employees the diversity of sinkers an what is possible in relation to dissolution sinkers. Available are stainless steel capsule sinkers, coated sinkers, basket sinkers, pronged sinkers, O-ring sinkers, time release sinkers, breath sinkers, U-Shaped sinkers, Vertical sinkers, OEM related sinkers and on request custom made sinkers.

Contents: Sinker Showcase

Item     DA Part no.                OEM               Description

1          PSBSK008-01            0500-0467     8 mesh basket sinker
2          PSBSK008-JP            0500-0468     8 mesh basket sinker Japanese pharmacopeia size
3          PSCAPWHT-VK         12-3050         3 prong capsule sinker, 33x12.9mm
4          PSCAPWHT-TR         0500-0476     Time release capsule sinker, 9.5 x 5.4mm, SS
5          PSCAPWHT-02          0500-0473     Spiral capsule sinker, 21.3 x 9.4mm, coated music wire, 8.5 coils
6          PSCAPWHT-2S          0500-0474     Spiral capsule sinker, 21.3x9.4mm, SS, 8.5 coils
7          PSCAPWHT-04          0500-0478      Spiral capsule sinker, coated music wire, 21.3x9.8, 5 coils
8          PSCAPWHT-4H         65-190-012     Spiral capsule sinker Hanson style, SS, 25x9.5mm
9          PSCAPWHT-4S         0500-0477      Spiral capsule sinker, 21.3x9.4mm, SS, 8.5 coils
10        PSCAPWST-15          8280               Spring style capsule sinker, 15.5x5mm, SS
11        PSCAPWST-18          7346               Spring style capsule sinker, 18x6mm, SS
12        PSCAPWST-19          8283               Spring style capsule sinker, 19.3x7mm, SS
13        PSCAPWST-23          6881               Spring style capsule sinker, 23x8mm, SS
14        PSCAPWST-31          7349               Spring style capsule sinker, 31x11mm, SS
15        PSCAPWHT-PC         Universal        Breath film sinker, OD 25.4mm, SS
16        PSCAPWHT-S99        8399               O-ring style sinker, 23x7.65mm
17        PSCAPWHT-LG         0500-0479      Spiral capsule sinker, coated music wire, 27.9x10.4mm, 6.5 coils
18        PSCAPWHT-XL          0500-0475      Spiral capsule sinker, coated music wire, 29.2x11.8mm, 5.5 Coils
19        PSCAPWHT-XLS       0500-0461       Spiral capsule sinker, 29.2x12.8mm, SS, 5.5 coils
20        PSCAPWHT-XS         Universal         Spiral capsule sinker, 22.5x14.6mm, SS, 8.5 coils
21        PSCAPWHT-XLSS     Universal         Spiral capsule sinker, 25.8x11.8mm, SS, 3 coils
22        PSCUSBSK-ROP       Universal          Rop-(inirole) Hydrochloride Sinker
23         PSCUSBSK-Alf          0104A00107    Alf-(uzosin) Hydrochloride Sinker
24        PSVERTHLD-750       12-2165           Sinker for 750/1000mg Metformin Hydrochloride tablets
25        PSVERTHLD-500       12-2170           Sinker for 500mg Metformin Hydrochloride tablets
26        PSSNK020-VK            12-3063           20 mesh sinker basket with lid
27        PSSNK040-VK            12-3064           40 mesh sinker basket with lid
28        TWEEZERS
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