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Volumetric flasks

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Amber 5000mL volumetric flask ASTM/USP certified

Amber 5000mL volumetric flask ASTM/USP certified

Product number     PSVF5000A-CS
Compatible with     Universal
Volume     5000mL
Color     Amber

  • Amber Borosilicate glass, Boro 3.3
  • Class A
  • White graduation
  • Volume 5000 mL
  • 1 per package
  • USP compliant with indiv. S/N, batch cert. and single certificate
  • ASTM E288,ISO 1042

Export glassware to the United States, to Arabic and Asian Countries without a problem. Dissolution Accssories offers Volumetric Flasks produced according to ASTM - or USP - standards. Ensure maximum quality by complete traceability, induvidual serial numbers and certificates.

Essentially, the tolerances of measuring devices made to these standards differ to a great extent from the European ISO norm and are tighter. Dissolution Accessories offers you a way to meet your GMP regulations starting with this glassware.

Ordering information


ISO and ASTM incl. batch cert. NO single cert. ISO and ASTM incl batch cert. with single cert. acc. To USP with indiv. s/n + batch cert. and single cert. Quantity

5 mL 10/19 PSVF0005A-BN PSVF0005A-BC PSVF0005A-SC 5
10 mL 10/19 PSVF0010A-BN PSVF0010A-BC PSVF0010A-SC 5
20 mL 10/19 PSVF0020A-BN PSVF0020A-BC PSVF0020A-SC 5
25 mL 10/19 PSVF0025A-BN PSVF0025A-BC PSVF0025A-SC 5
50 mL 12/21 PSVF0050A-BN PSVF0050A-BC PSVF0050A-SC 5
100 mL 12/21 PSVF0100A-BN PSVF0100A-BC PSVF0100A-SC 5
200 mL 14/23 PSVF0200A-BN PSVF0200A-BC PSVF0200A-SC 2
250 mL 14/23 PSVF0250A-BN PSVF0250A-BC PSVF0250A-SC 2
500 mL 19/26 PSVF0500A-BN PSVF0500A-BC PSVF0500A-SC 2
1000 mL 24/29 PSVF1000A-BN PSVF1000A-BC PSVF1000A-SC 2
2000 mL 29/32 PSVF2000A-BN PSVF2000A-BC PSVF2000A-SC 1
5000 mL 34/35 - - PSVF5000A-SC 1
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