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Regenerated cellulose 0.45µm with Glass fiber 1µm, ø25mm, (Jar/1000)

Regenerated cellulose 0.45µm with Glass fiber 1µm, ø25mm, (Jar/1000)

Product number     PSASC-RC25P1-045-1000
Material     Regenerated Cellulose
Pore size (µm)     0.45
Diameter (ø) in mm     25

Regenerated cellulose is a hydrophilic solvent resistant and very low protein binding membrane. It is also compatible with nearly all common HPLC solvents. This filter has a glass fiber prefilter of 1µm to increase loading capacity of the Regenerated cellulose membrane.

  • Compatible with aqueous samples in a pH from 3 - 12
  • Can be used for biological samples filtration and are important for the protein recuperation
  • Membrane of choice for:
      -  Low nonspecific binding applications
      -  Tissue culture media filtration
      -  Biological sample filtration
  • Maximum operating temperature 110 degrees celsius
Don't use with strong acids, chloroform, THF.

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