Small volume accessories

Small volume accessories




100mL TruAlign amber glass vessel

100mL TruAlign amber glass vessel

Product number     PSGLA100-ATA
OEM number     12-5146
Compatible with     Agilent
Material     3.3 Borosilicate glass
Volume     100mL
Color     Amber

TruAlign vessels for the 708-DS and 709-DS precisely align the vessel every time. Each vessel isindividually turned on a lathe to precisely locate the vessel center. Only TruAlign vessels have a collar incorporated onto the vessel around the ground glass groove, maintaining accurate centering and verticality alignment with the dissolution apparatus.

TruAlign vessels for the 708-DS are available in 100 and 200 mL, 1 and 2L sizes. They are available in clear or Amber for light sensitive products. Tru-Align vessels are also available as Peak vessels to prevent cone formation. Individual Certificates of Conformance can be obtained by ordering the verified versions of these vessels.