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Calibration tools

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Digital verticality meter

Digital verticality meter

Product number     PSVERTMET-MI
OEM number     0500-1046
Compatible with     Universal

Used for checking shaft verticality and vessel plate level condition.

The Digital Verticality Meter provides an immediate digital reading of any angle in a full circle with 0-90°-0-90°-0 readings. The machine aluminum frame is rigid and light with a precise platform that allows the sensor and its microprocessor circuit to provide height accuracy throughout the entire 360° range.

Perfect for ASTM E 2503-07 Mechanical calibration requirements to check basket and paddle shaft verticality as noted in ASTM E 2503-07, chapter 4.5.2 which states:
"Use an accurate digital level device to determine that the shafts are vertical in two directions 90° apart around the vertical axis while drive unit is in the operation position"

Comes complete with certificate of calibration, operating instructions and foam padded storage case.

"V" groove base allows for easy alignment upon basket and paddle shafts.

 Range of Measurement      360° (0-90°-0-90°-0)
 Resolution   0.1°
 Operating Temperature   23°F to 122°F
 Power   3V, Lithium cell
 Accuracy   0-10 Degrees ± 0.1°
 Weight   10.2 oz.
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