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10mm Height Tool for mini paddles in closed Dissolution Systems

PSDEPSETC-10-02-Dissolution-Accessories-Depth-Set-Tool-Height-10mm-Mini Paddle-Calibration-validation-Universal
PSDEPSETC-10-01-Dissolution-Accessories-Depth-Set-Tool-Height-10mm-Mini Paddle-Calibration-validation-Universal
PSDEPSETC-10-03-Dissolution-Accessories-Depth-Set-Tool-Height-10mm-Mini Paddle-Calibration-validation-Universal
10mm Height Tool for mini paddles in closed Dissolution Systems

Product number     PSDEPSETC-10
OEM     Dissolution Accessories Innovated Product

Key features:
  • Fits directly on the shaft in a closed dissolution bath.
  • Serialised.
  • Comes standard with individual certificate which is valid for one year.
  • Suited for mini paddles of most brands (except Erweka).
  • Typically used with small volume vessels and mini paddles.
  • Easy to work with.
  • For Erweka Dissolution Testers see part PSDEPSET-EW10.

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