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USP 26 Felodipine Stationary Basket for Agilent

USP 26 Felodipine Stationary Basket for Agilent

Product number     PSSTABSKF-01
OEM reference     12-2069
OEM     Agilent
USP Standard     USP 26
Mesh     8 / 2591µm
Material     316 Stainless Steel
Instrument Comp.     705, 708-DS, 709-DS, VK700/710, VK7000/7010, VK7020 7025 7030 V-Series

The USP Monograph for Felodipine Extended-Release Tablets specifies the use of a quadrangular stationary basket. The Stationary Basket fully complies with the USP Monograph. The Felodipine Basket is made from precision welded stainless steel mesh and the basket is securely fixed to the shaft and will not easily bend or break off.
The basket also features a small flap to prevent the tablet escaping during testing. The flap is frabicated such that it will not fall off or be lost during use. 
USP 26 requires the use of a basket suspended a precise distance from the paddle shaft, which in turn requires the use of a modified vessel cover. The Stationary Basket method offers a potential solution to problems associated with floating, sticking and swelling dosage forms.
While the use of sinkers may solve similar problems, their final position in the dissolution vessel may vary, thus contributing to variations in the test results - these variations can be eleminated by using the stationary basket.
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