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PSSHOWCASE for Baskets and related items

PSSHOWCASE for Baskets and related items

Product number     PSSHOWCASE-BASKET
OEM reference     Dissolution Innovated Product

An overview case to show your customers and internal employees the diversity of baskets an what is possible in relation to dissolution baskets. The baskets are manufactured using Stainless Steel and sintered mesh. Most baskets are available with different coatings in cases where there may be a reaction between steel and the tablet The different parts in this Showcase do not have a serial number.

Contents: Basket Showcase

Item     Part no.                      OEM               Description

1          PSBSK010-01            12-2125           10 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
2          PSBSK020-01            12-2120           20 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible 
3          PSBSK040-01            12-2100           40 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
4          PSBSK060-01             DA                   60 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
5          PSBSK100-01            12-2154           100 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
6          PSBSK150-01            12-2152           150 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
7          PSBSK200-01             DA                   200 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
8          PSBSK400-01            12-2145           400 Mesh Basket, SS, Agilent Compatible
9          PSBSK040-DK           2821-0072       40 Mesh Basket, SS, Distek Compatible
10        PSBSK040-DKC        2800-0032       40 Mesh Basket, SS, Distek Evolution Compatible
11        PSBSK040-EL            0104A00057    40 Mesh Basket, SS, Electrolab Compatible
12        PSBSK040-EW          18393               40 Mesh Basket, SS, Erweka Compatible
13        PSBSK040-HR           65-220-000      40 Mesh Basket, SS, Teledyne Hanson Compatible
14        PSBSK040-LG           800-0154          40 Mesh Basket, SS, Logan Compatible
15        PSBSK040-PT            311-2801          40 Mesh Basket, SS, Pharmatest Compatible
16        PSBSK040-ST            02830               40 Mesh Basket, SS, Sotax Compatible
17        PSBSK040-DEM        Universal          40 Mesh Basket, SS, Dabigatran etexilate mesylate basket
18        PSBSKHUB-DK         2851-1052         Basket hub O-ring/ push on style for Distek
19        PSBSKHUB-EW        91-000-6001      Basket hub spring clip style for Erweka 
20        PSBSKHUB-ST          05301               Spring clip style basket hub with sampling opening for Sotax
21        PSBSKSUP-01          12-2130             Suppository basket, Universal
22        PSGNGBSK-UN         DA                    Go-NoGo Gauge for USP Apparatus 1
23        PSBSKHLD-12           DA                    12 position basket holder
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