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Basket Accessories

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Tool for attaching baskets to shafts

Tool for attaching baskets to shafts

Product number     PSBSKTOOL

Prevent dents and other forms of damage to your baskets. Easy to use attaching and removal of baskets to their shafts.
(Basket not included)

The Dissolution Accessories Basket Tool. This innovative tool is designed to provide a firm grip on baskets without causing any damage during insertion or removal from the shaft.

The Basket Tool has a unique design that allows it to grab onto the lower rim of the basket, providing a secure hold without compromising the delicate wire mesh. This ensures that the basket is easily fitted onto the shaft without any hassle.

One of the key advantages of using the Basket Tool is its ability to protect the wire mesh of the basket. The delicate mesh is susceptible to damage when being fitted onto the shaft without the proper tools, but with the Basket Tool, the mesh is protected, ensuring that the basket remains intact and functional for longer.

We believe that our Basket Tool will be a valuable addition to your toolkit, providing you with a convenient and effective solution for fitting baskets onto shafts.
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