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Basket Accessories

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12 position basket holder

12 position basket holder

Product number     PSBSKHLD-12
OEM     Universal

Key features:
  • Compatible with all popular types (Agilent, Caleva, Distek, Erweka, Hanson, Pharmatest, Sotax, VanKel, Zymark)
  • O-rings ensure baskets are held firmly to the holder.
  • Stores up to 12 baskets
  • Fully stackable, letting you transport many baskets at a time.
  • Low cost - it pays for itself by preventing damage to just one basket!
  • Made from durable Aluminium

Prolong the life of baskets and save money.
To ensure they meet USP requirements, it is essential that for all tests, baskets are not bent or deformed.
The chances of accidentally damaging baskets can be significantly reduced with the use of a good quality basket holder, such as this.
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