Dissolution media concentrates

Dissolution media concentrates

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Media preparation station

Media preparation station

Product number     PSMEDIADPREP

Media preparation never was this easy!

MediaPrep permits for a medium volume of up to 8L by the following steps:
  • Filtering of medium or water (filtercapsule 20 µm)
  • Preparation of medium in the desired ratio from two inlets of e.g. water and hydrochloric acid; alternatively ready made medium may be used
  • The medium is continuously mixed with a magnetic stirrer in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture
  • The medium may be heated to a selectable temperature, e.g. 37 °C
  • Degassing is being done according USP Standard, using a double membrane vacuum pump
  • The prepared medium can be dispensed in variable dosages
  • And the complete medium preparation is documented in great detail

Precision Pondering Cell
A precise pondering cell assures the exact mixing ratio and the precise dispensing of the prepared medium. It works gravimetrically.

Standard Filtering
A 20 µm filter in the medium/water inlet assures retaining of particles. The filter may be exchanged easily. The instrument controls the total amount of medium/water, sets it into relation with the recommended maximum value, and suggests the replacement of the filter when this maximum value is reached.

Precise Mixing      
The instrument has two inlets: one for medium or water, and one for an additive like concentrated hydrochloric acid or buffer. The mixing ratio may be varied in a wide range. Alternatively ready prepared medium may be used.

Savings of Cost and Labour 
Rather than doing all the steps for the medium preparation manually the instrument prepares the medium with all required steps automatically. Press “Start”, and the instrument will perform all steps required to obtain the desired medium.
The medium may be then dispensed directly into the medium; no further steps are necessary. Therefore it is easy to perform a dissolution test while preparing new medium. This frees the personnel from the medium preparation work and allows for other activities. Anyhow the medium preparation for e.g. 8 l takes only approx. 15 min.
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